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Mtf site de datation

mtf site de datation

went for it anyway, stopped taking spiro and picked up prescription needles, syringes and a vial of estradiol valerate suspended in sesame oil from a componding pharmacy. I'm feeling so happy I took the chance switching to subcutaneous injections in spite of limited information floating around and wanted to put it out there as further anecdotal evidence for anyone wanting to pursue something similar. Resilient kids, ready Airmen, one thing Airmen worry about when they deploy is the well-being of their family, especially children who may have a hard time coping with the challenges that come with a parents deployment. I was also prescribed bioidentical progesterone at this appointment, which I added daily before bed. Although the most recommended site for IM injections is the gluteal region (apparently due to slower absorption I decided to start off with the thigh as it's easier to deal with for a beginner. Our breakthrough advancements, many of which have set industry benchmarks, are represented in a wide range of specialties. The spironolactone I had been taking for a year agreed with me well enough but I was tired of having to risk dehydration from having to pee so frequently.

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The importance of quality allografts matters whether you are a physician, a patient or a potential donor. Create Post r/transtimelines Rules. I've lurked here for countless hours since deciding to pursue transition by means of HRT over a year and a half ago, sometimes posting questions to which I received invaluable answers from the /MtF community. The combination of great levels and only dealing with estrogen once a week was enough to convince me to stick with injections in spite of hating them. The progesterone seems maybe inconclusive; I feel that it might be contributing to renewed breast development but I can't say I've noticed anything else definitively in the two months I've been taking. We open the door to possibilities by supporting our colleagues, our industry, and our employees. Posted by 89 comments 100 Upvoted, what are your thoughts? I stopped in to see a nurse again for training on subcutaneous injection technique and immediately hoped I could achieve the same blood levels as with the intramuscular injections as it was so much easier.

Company Resource Pages, copyright 2017. There is no decisive guide to how to go about arranging the right HRT for you so everyone is kind of left to piece it together for themselves: where to find a doctor, which medications, which dose, which method of administration, etc. I'm happy to respond to any questions anyone has. The needles recommended were only 5/8" (as opposed to minimum 1" for IM) and stabbing into the fatty layer under the skin on your stomach is a solid order of magnitude less intense than going straight into your thigh muscle. Press J to jump to the feed. No Unsolicited 'advice'.

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